About Us

Nightline Aachen is an anonymous phone support service run by students for students. Everyone is allowed to call and talk confidentially about worries, problems or anxieties. Typical topics are issues in college, exam anxiety, problems in your relationship or with your parents or flatmates or loneliness. Especially at night when friends and family are not available we offer a chance to talk.

But Nightline isn’t just a phone service to talk about your worries, we will also advice and forward you to university and non-university facilities. We are a group of volunteers studying in Aachen and are regularly trained in phone conversations by qualified psychologists. Though we are no experts ourselves and cannot offer professional therapy. We don’t want to give any experienced advice or instructions on what to do.

No matter the topic we always follow these rules:

  • Everything is confidential! We promise secrecy and treat your topics with absolute discretion.
  • Calls are always anonymous! We will never ask for your name and cannot see your number, even if you don’t suppress it.
  • We don’t offer professional therapy! We are no experts or trained for that. We will listen and forward you to appropriate facilities if required.
  • We are non-judgmental and open-minded. No matter the topics or how many times you call.