Join Us

Nightline Aachen is a voluntary association that depends on people actively cooperating and working with us. We are always looking for motivated and reliable students of any Aachen college that want to spent time and effort to help us.

What we can offer to you

There are two ways to participate:

The first one is the active phone service. In order to be able to help us here you have to get training in phone conversations. This is organized once every semester.

The second option is to help us with public relations, organization of trainings and advanced education and maintainance of hard- and software components. This way you can work with us even if you are uncomfortable talking on the phone. We welcome any support.

What is a training like?

If you like to help us with the phone service you have to receive a training first. The focus is to help you learn conversation practices and prepare you for the situations you run into during a phone call.

Contact Us!

Further questions about first meetings, working for Nightline and everything else that has been left unclear will be answered if you get in touch with us using our contact form or you can send a mail to